Preferred Partners

FIT4MOM DuPage County is proud to recommend these Preferred Partners to our Members and community!


My Kid's Place

My Kid's Place was built for every child but mostly for the Autistic and children on the spectrum. The staff at My Kid’s Place want to assure you that your child is not only welcome but encouraged to come to our facility for their hair cutting needs!


Playtime Pediatric Services

No more stressing about meeting milestones! Playtime Pediatric Services makes meeting milestones and learning fun by supporting families and children with individualized plans and attention from a licensed professional. Wellness checks and physical therapy services available.



MOMBOX is on a mission to take better care of new moms. They pick, pack, and ship a box full of postpartum care items (the really good stuff) directly to Mom at home, so she doesn't have to run to the store after giving birth. Their six fabulous boxes are curated with everything a new mom needs to rest, restore, and recover after giving birth.

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Sweet Baby Shade

Sweet Baby Shade offers shade protectors that shield a newborn's sensitive eyes and skin from harmful UV sun rays, dust and debris while allowing them to see both their parents and their environment.

Sweet Baby Shade Infant takes your stroller to the next level with sun protection. Designed to be "easy-on" - "easy-off", this unique sun-shade attaches to all strollers.

Sweet Baby Shade Toddler Deluxe, is a premium pull-down sun-shade that easily attaches to all strollers to help protect an infant from the damaging rays of the sun and unwanted human contact!

Both products come with a 5 year replacement guarantee!



WombBox is a premium postpartum care kit for expecting moms. With 1-3 month subscriptions, one-time gift boxes, and both natural and cesarean birth boxes—there’s a box for every soon-to-be mom.

Save 20% by using code FIT4MOM on WombBox purchases!