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Dear Postpartum Self

When I got my clearance at 6 weeks to officially start working out again, I was so excited! Here I am 3 weeks later and trying to find the time & energy to squeeze in my workouts and to get back my “me” time.

Rewind 12-15 months....I was in my best physical shape. Running my fastest miles, closing my rings every day, working out 6 days a week, plus teaching classes on top of it. I made sure I was fueling my body with the best possible choices and moving my body an hour or more each day!

Now here we are already 9 weeks postpartum and I’m trying to give myself grace and be patient. I knew that after I gave birth I wouldn’t bounce right back to running my fastest 5k or fit in my skinny jeans after leaving the hospital. But here I am telling myself on repeat that it takes time to get back to where I was and want to be and it’s not going to happen overnight. So today; I decided to write down short & long term goals. Goals that I can accomplish if I stick to my healthy habits.

I can’t wait to start teaching Body Well in a few weeks to help keep me in line ;). Even though I’m not a client, I’m going to work on my goals throughout these next 8 weeks. My focus won’t only be on my workouts, but will also be about what I fuel my body with. So who’s with me? Who needs accountability? Who needs to reach those goals you’ve been striving for? Who needs to get back to those healthy habits? Who wants to end summer strong and start off fall on the best possible note?!