Meet our November 2022 - Mom of the Month

Congratulations to Mary Ann, our November Mom of the Month!

If you have ever taken a class or chatted with Mary Ann, then you know that she will definitely boost your mood with her positivity! Mary Ann has become one of our regular Body Well mamas and we love having her bright smile in class!

We are so blessed to have her positive energy in Our Village!

Hometown: Grew up in Lowell, MA; Live in Glen Ellyn

Tell us who is in your family: Married to Rich for 20 years, Elizabeth (18), Richard (13), Patrick (10), Bernadette (9), and Anthony (5)

Current/Previous Career: Worked as an Assistant Appellate Defender in the Criminal Division

What was your childhood ambition? I have always wanted to be a mom and a teacher. Mission accomplished - mom of 5 and homeschool 3.

What does motherhood mean to you? Motherhood is a beautiful and humbling vocation. It offers some of the highest highs and lowest lows of life but it is from those times when I have learned the most about myself. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be a mother to my children and to receive the graces that are provided through this vocation.

What is the farthest you have been away from home? As a family, we love to travel. We have been to Ireland, France, and Italy, We love spending time at the lake in Wisconsin and the beaches of the East Coast - especially Cape Cod and South Carolina.

How did you find FIT4MOM DuPage County? We moved to Glen Ellyn in March of 2022. My wonderful cul-de-sac crew of Lindsay L., Kristy D., and Cynthia N. encouraged me to join a class this past summer and now I am hooked!

How has FIT4MOM DuPage County changed your life? FIT4MOM has encouraged me to make time to take care of myself (workout, drink water rather than my beloved Coke) and offers the most fun and supportive moms (shout out to my 5:30am Body Well moms!). I am not the most coordinated gal and often avoided group classes but FIT4MOM is just so different and focuses on meeting the mom where she is and supporting her in her fitness journey no matter how many times she falls over during the Icky Shuffle.

Favorite exercise: Icky Shuffle - just kidding - that move is not my jam at all ! I do love when we include jabs and crosses to any moves! Boxing is so therapeutic to this homeschooling mom's soul!

Proudest Moment: 100 Burpees in one class - when I had never even done a burpee in my life!

What is one thing you have learned so far from this year? Friendships are found in sweat and low-sugar wine!

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us!: I love Irish folk music so I am trying to learn how to play the Irish tin whistle. So far, I can play Mary Had a Little Lamb - so I guess I am one step closer to fulfilling my dream of touring Ireland as part of an Irish folk band!