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Meet our July 2022 - Mom of the Month

Congrats to Lauren, our July Mom of the Month!

Lauren has only been a part of Our Village since January, but you would think she has been with us for many years! She is constantly showing up for herself at our mom only classes and even brings her husband to our family classes ;). You can always count on seeing Lauren at multiple classes during the week and at our Mom's Night Out!

We love having you as part of Our Village, Lauren!

Hometown: I grew up in Oakbrook Terrace and now live in Lombard.

Tell us who is in your family: My husband Chris and I have four children-Finnegan(7), Bennett(6), Violet(4) and Callen(2)

Current/Previous Career: I do daycare out of my home.

What was your childhood ambition? To be a mom and a teacher.

What does motherhood mean to you? Motherhood is the most meaningful "job" in the world. We are raising the future so its super important to me that my children are raised in a loving home and are taught to be kind, respectful and accepting of others.

What is the farthest you have been away from home? Alaska

How did you find FIT4MOM DuPage County? I have a few friends that have been active with FIT4MOM for years.

How has FIT4MOM DuPage County changed your life? I feel so much better physically and mentally since joining FIT4MOM! The workouts are hard but so rewarding. It's such a great feeling to have after completing a workout.

Favorite exercise: Tabata

Proudest Moment: Aside from the births of my children with my husband and my mom at my side it would probably be donating breastmilk. Throughout my nursing days I was able to donate about 10,000 ounces of breastmilk to 6 other mamas(one being a close friend) and the milk bank.

What is one thing you have learned so far from this year? You have the time! My excuse was always that I didn't have time to workout. I've learned that if you want to workout and work on YOU, you can make the time.

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us!: I hate fruit! I can tolerate some but I would never go out of my way to eat any. And in 2011 I was told that I had less than a 5% to conceive children with my own eggs. I would even spend my free time on an egg donor website searching for a good match. I ended up having my children in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019 with no fertility treatment! Goes to show you that miracles do happen and doctors don't know everything!