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Find Moments to Take Care of YOU!

This month we've got a special guest blog contributor, Stephanie! Stephanie teaches FIT4BABY and Run Club.

May is almost over, the air will eventually stay warm and we just celebrated Memorial Day weekend (say what?!). With Memorial Day comes the beginning of the summer season activities! We look forward to the season and the fun associated with it all year. We dream of the outdoor time, longer days and heat from the sun. Summer, while it is here, is really a short period of time. As Midwesterners we tend to be confined to the indoors for a majority of the year. Then that moment comes, we start countdowns to it, field days to wrap up school years, and BOOM we have managed to overbook a short time period with activities that we put off for the other 9 months of the year. You know what you need to do during this busy season? Find moments to take care of YOU!

As moms we have managed to master the art of making time for it all. The kids have agendas – sports, parties, camps, a plethora of activities. Family time needs its turn too – vacations, picnics, various visitors from all around. You, as super mom, tend to be at the core of all of this. None of it is possible without you, so you need to find simple moments to take care of yourself.

FIT4MOM will always be there for you offering classes, both with and without the kiddos, if you need exercise for your soul. We also have Mom’s Night Outs and Book Clubs for social gatherings to help with those moments. Don’t forget to do little things to heal mind, body and soul as you move throughout your daily activities. I know I like to take a moment to breath fresh air and have a sip of coffee before my kids wake up and I am needed non-stop. Savor that sip! Go for a walk (solo or with the crew in tow), read a book before bedtime (we can recommend some good ones), take on a simple craft to distract your mind for a moment (I love a good paint by number). Taking small moments for yourself throughout the day and week will provide some balance and help keep your whole-body health in the forefront. Without you mama, nothing else is possible!