Ann Runkle

Certified Body Back Instructor

Ann has been an active member of the FIT4MOM community since discovering Stroller Strides in 2016. After having her second son, Ann left her full time corporate career for part time work, giving her more time at home with her boys. While she loved having more time with them, she was struggling with the adjustment and finding enough things to keep the boys busy. After her first Stroller Strides class, she felt like she had finally found a place where they belonged. The combination of fitness for her, being with other moms in similar life stages with kids of similar ages, and the sense of community the FIT4MOM village provided…she was home. Ann embarked on her own transformation through the 8 week Body Back program in 2017, and was so in love with the program that she jumped at the opportunity to become an instructor!

Ann and her husband Tom have lived in Lombard since 2011, and have two boys – Logan (4) and Jackson (2). She graduated from University of Illinois in 2004 with a B.S. in Psychology.

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