Gretchen L.

Body Back

Body Back allowed me to be successful because of the accountability I had to the other moms in the group. We were all motivation for each other. I wasn’t the only one struggling to do the 100’s class and somehow that made it easier. For the first time in my life I was actually excited to work out. Other people were going through exactly what I was going through. We all struggled the first few weeks with a change in diet, lifestyle and soreness from workouts but it didn’t matter because we were going through it together. You form a bond with the other moms in the class. I missed them the first week after we finished but walked away with 8 new friends.

I had a lot of success during my 8 weeks and I would not have done that on my own. The meal plan was an adjustment the first 2 weeks but after that it just became a part of my normal life. I do think that the meal plan accounts for a good portion of your success in the program and the food options are east to adapt to and the recipes are VERY good! I sing the praises of this class to anybody that will listen and hope that everybody that goes through it has as wonderful experience as I did!

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