This is why I signed up for Body Back

It’s week 2 of Body Back! I joined this session with pretty realistic goals in mind. I needed/wanted to cut back my wine ;), plan out meals and snacks better, and to overall stay accountable to better choices. I don’t want to and didn’t sign up with the intention to make huge life changes. I’m already great at staying up with workouts but the food. Oh the food. That is the challenge to me. I need to retrain my brain to make the better choices.

Well I’m happy to report... it’s working! Yes, I’ve seen some movement on the scale but that’s not what it’s about for me this time. I FEEL better. My belly feels less bloated. I have more energy, and most importantly, I am craving less sugar. Yes, when my kids ate a donut in front of me last week I wanted a bite. I even took one. Do I regret it? No. Body Back is a lifestyle change for me. Am I going to go the rest of my life with no sugar? Absolutely not. But is it something I want to keep in check? Absolutely yes.

--Fast forward 1 week!--

And now it’s week 3 of Body Back and guess where I am? Spring break vacation! So far I’ve missed/will miss 3 classes due to spring break. I knew that going in to this. I know other moms don’t sign up for this program if they will miss classes during the 8 week session. But me? I actually signed up BECAUSE I’m missing classes. I need the accountability while I’m gone. I need my coach to text me and ask me for pictures of my food, sweaty selfies and overall reminding me to make better choices. It’s been amazing! I will admit - I’m taking a slow-down break from workouts. Not giving them up completely but have slowed down this week. My body was going hard (before the session) and I needed this. So I’m soaking up the sun and enjoying my time with my family. How was your spring break?