Spring 2018 - Week 7: Putting It All Together

Week 7 is when it all comes together. The hard work and habits you’ve created during the past weeks are visible. The power of your results at this point in the session is that it gives you the motivation to keep going and finish strong.

Everything fell into place for me this week – a rare moment when the stars aligned just right. It started with my workouts: I noticed how much my form has improved over the past seven weeks and how much stronger I feel. Now I CAN go a little deeper on those lunges and a little lower on those squats.

Probably because of all those lunges and squats, I needed new work pants that don’t sag in the rear end. Win! And I tried on my end-of-Body Back “goal” dress again. Not only does it zip, but I can breathe in it – and better yet, I like how I look the mirror. Double win!

The icing on the cake, though, (or, for a Body Back-approved metaphor, the hummus on the carrot??), was an evening out with a friend where I managed to find the balance I’m always striving for. Usually I’m on one side of the spectrum: either restriction that leaves me feeling deprived and resentful, or overindulgence that leaves me feeling both sick and guilty. I did neither that night. I just enjoyed myself and what I ate, and left the restaurant feeling proud, not regret. That, right there, is the lifestyle change I want to take away from this session of Body Back.

Of course, there was a lot of small stuff I could have sweated this week: sick kids, missed work, late nights, and the nagging mom guilt from trying to juggle all my priorities.

But there will always be a lot of small stuff to sweat. Each session of Body Back, I make a conscious effort to let go of the things that no longer serve me: Insecurities. Anxiety. Body hang-ups. Guilt. This week, I’m reframing guilt for gratitude and focusing on the positive. I’m letting myself celebrate the little victories and the big ones – and letting go of everything else. Only one week of the session left, and I want to make the most of it.