Spring 2018 - Week 2

Week 2: Finding Routines for Success

It’s Week 2 of Body Back already. Every session, I’m amazed again at how the time flies by. Certainly, the program keeps you busy. It’s this paradox of Body Back that keeps me coming back session after session: During the eight weeks, I’m busier than ever before – planning and prepping, cooking healthy meals, fitting in at-home workouts, and staying active in the group Facebook page for support and encouragement – but at the same time, I have more energy than ever before. All of the things keeping me so busy are also nourishing my body and my mind, giving me the energy boost to sustain healthy choices and meet new challenges.

Success this week is falling back into the routines that work for me. I work full-time, so if meals aren’t prepped on the weekend and ready for the busy workweek, they just aren’t happening. As a result, I need both Saturday and Sunday for meal-prep; naptime is my time for chopping, marinating, cooking, and packaging. To make the most of my (precious little) weekend freetime, I plan and grocery shop after the kids’ bedtime on Friday. It’s not the most exciting Friday night, but let’s be honest: I’m a tired mom and exciting Friday nights are few and far between. Might as well maximize my productivity instead.

This weekend, though, was jam-packed with play dates, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, family time, and appointments – leaving me with minimal time to prep for the week ahead. I’m going into Week 2 without my usual arsenal of healthy meals in the fridge, meaning I need to simplify and stay focused in order to stay on plan. In my house, that translates into a lot of breakfast-for-dinner; this week my menu includes oatmeal pancakes, breakfast quesadillas, and egg sandwiches as the evening entrées of choice. Luckily, breakfast is my boys’ favorite meal, so I’m hoping for some Body Back wins with them. When they eat what I eat, it saves time and effort – and when it’s a recipe with real, whole foods (maybe even some vegetables), everybody wins. Fingers crossed I can report this back as a success next week!

(Photo: Sawyer eating Oatmeal Pancakes)