Spring 2018 - Assessment Night

Confession: I went into Assessment Night tonight feeling unmotivated. I just wanted to get it over with. I didn’t feel like pushing myself; I really didn’t think I could keep improving my numbers, so why bother actually trying?

But here’s the thing a friend’s husband said to her about the same issue, which she mentioned to me as we were chatting in between weigh-ins and measurements. He told her tonight, “If you’re not going to push yourself, then why are you doing the program again?”

I texted her after class tonight to give her husband the rare gift of telling him he was right.

With those words in my head, we headed to the indoor track for the mile run. I ran the fastest mile I have yet. It must have been the endorphins from running that sustained me through the plank hold, side planks (my absolute weakness), squats and the rest. But I pushed myself for every single one of the assessments, and I’m so glad I did.

I walked out of Assessment Night tonight with no regrets.

With assessments recorded, now the hard part really begins: The work and willpower that Body Back requires. One of my goals this session was to find a healthier, more balanced relationship with sugar. Unequivocally, what I struggle with most during Body Back is giving up sweet treats. I can say no to alcohol, avoid processed foods, skip the French fries and never drink another Coke again … but ask me to forgo chocolate for 8 weeks and I’m struggling. Like, seriously struggling.

But I signed up for this session to push myself, so the sugar detox officially started this morning. I’m trying 2 straight weeks of no sugar at all, not even fruit or natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup, because I’ve learned it’s the best way for my body to deal with the cravings. If I’m going to do this, it’s got to be all or nothing.

Planning is the backbone of the Body Back program, and the primary reason for my success, so I’m armed and ready with a Weekly Fit Planner that includes lots and lots of veggies, and a brand-new water bottle to motivate me to get those ounces in.

When I’m dragging in a day or two, when the sugar detox side effects hit hard (and I know they will), I’m going to look back on how I felt at the end of tonight: Proud of myself. Grateful for my body. Strong.

And in 8 weeks, at the end of another Assessment Night, if I can walk away a second time with no regrets, only gratitude, this session will have been a success.