One Woman’s Quest to Win Back Brain Space and Get off the Struggle Bus

One of my New Year’s Resolutions this year was a little different than others I’ve made in the past. In 2017, I want to feel like I’m able to handle things.

Note that my actual ability to handle those things is not the issue. The operative word in the statement is “feel.”

I’m a Type-A person, and I’m a Mom. No matter what, I will handle whatever is thrown at me.

It’s how I feel while handling those things is the problem. And I think I figured out why—it’s because I waste a lot of brain space on things that could be eliminated, or improved if I just took the time to fix them. And with less brain capacity available, even everyday stressors become magnified.

As a result, I feel like I’m struggling at least a little, even on relatively good days.

So I started taking steps to get rid of the small stressors in my life with planning, proactive effort, and/or technology. Here are some examples.

  • Grocery shopping. I don’t mind grocery shopping in and of itself, but doing it with two small children is not fun. If you add in bad weather, it’s even worse. Now I’m using Peapod grocery delivery. If I’m flexible on delivery times, it isn’t expensive, and fees are offset by the fact that I’m less likely to impulse buy. I get fresh groceries, every week, without the struggle of going to the store.
  • So.much.stuff. My “junk drawer” is so junky that I don’t even know what’s in it anymore. There are things my kids have outgrown still taking up space in their closets. And so much more. So I’m getting rid of excess stuff in my house by donating, selling or repurposing it. I’m minimizing and organizing as I go. With more clarity in my home, I think I’ll have more clarity in my head and my life.
  • Committing to exercise. When I exercise, I feel better. I feel more accomplished, and more calm afterward. I’ve committed to my usual three days per week of Stroller classes, and will work to add either Saturday Stroller Strides, a Boost class, or an at-home workout per week in the next couple of months. (If you want to join me, try a free class and take advantage of the specials - sign up here!)
  • Everyday distractions. I deleted the Facebook App off my phone. It’s too much of a temptation! I’m playing with my kids, focusing on my husband, and committing to my one-line-a-day journal instead.

If I continue on my quest, maybe I can get to a point where I feel like the Struggle Bus isn’t my primary mode of transportation.

Or maybe I won’t.

During one of the travels at Strides last week, I lamented to a friend.

“Oh, I’m on that bus too,” she said, shaking her head. “But you know what? Let’s just make it a party bus.”

Her idea really struck me.

Perhaps, especially in this phase of life, feeling like you’re struggling is part of the territory. But feeling the presence of struggle and letting it define my days are two very different things.

With some tweaks, and the right people in my life (my beautiful kids, my husband, my family, my friends, and my FIT4MOM Village), I can turn the Struggle Bus into a pretty sweet ride.