My Best Self

It’s here! The final home-stretch of my pregnancy! It’s hard to believe really. This started so, so long ago and seemed so far away, even back in June, and now I only have about a week left until my due date. So much is changing in our family’s lives in the next few weeks. New schools with new classrooms for the girls, new baby and new au pair, and of course new routines for all of us. Thinking about the routine changes is in some ways a huge relief and in others daunting. I actually came to appreciate not rushing out of the house most mornings, not caring much what the girls dress themselves in and not worrying about packing lunches! Who hears me on this one?! ;)

But in all seriousness, the routine change will be awesome. I’ve been doing the absolute BEST I can to try and stay motivated to workout this entire pregnancy. But will fully admit it’s been getting tougher over the last few weeks. I can feel my body slowing down but also know that this is when I need it the most. Working out helps me to be my best self. I can calm any anxiety, resolve problems more easily, get better sleep and of course they help me make better food choices. So workouts are my go-to these days in the chaos of change and transitions. My favorites lately have been Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, and FIT4BABY. I fit in any and all classes when I can. I was excited to see 3 different instructors at classes last week and even get some alone time in for myself. (Tip: Did you know you can go to stroller classes without kids?! You can push an empty stroller, or just leave it in your car!)

So tonight I am planning out my workouts. My bump and me will be at at least 3 FIT4MOM classes this week. Where will I see you?


P.S. I’m already dreaming of taking Body Back Transformation in January! Body Back gives me time to myself, gets my food & nutrition back on track, and adds accountability in to my workouts!