Mom Friends

Since my husband and I are both from the great state of New Jersey, I have a lot of mommy friends that live there. Last week, one of my friends from NJ came to visit her husband’s family, who just happen to live in this area (a happy coincidence). She’s a member of the FIT4MOM franchise where she lives, so she came to one of our classes here.

I enjoyed having her visit so much! It was fun to introduce an “old” mommy friend to the “new” mommy friends I’ve made since living here.

It also got me thinking: my “old” and “new” mom friends both play equal but different parts in my life. And in honor of SHARE THE LOVE week last month, I’d like to give them some kudos.

“Old” Mommy Friends: They Know Me and Love Me Anyway

By “old” mommy friends, I mean those that knew me pre-kid. This includes a few friends I’ve had since middle and high school, my core group of college friends, and those friends I’ve made through my husband (both through our time abroad, and his friends and friends’ wives that I’ve stolen for myself). Because we’ve moved so much, they’re all long distance.

I love these women for variations of the same reason: they’ve grown with me through many stages of life, and they still stick with me.

Whether we keep in touch pretty much daily, or go weeks between catch ups, there is always an unspoken understanding between us. They know my quirks and stories (some of which I wish they’d forget, but still laugh hysterically about when they come up). They also know how these quirks and stories shape me as a wife and mom.

It’s a reassuring comfort that’s especially helpful when my floors are covered in smashed, unidentifiable fruits, I look like a hot mess, and my life barely resembles anything that it has ever been before. They help keep me grounded because they remind me that I’m still me, just different.

It has also been amazing to watch our kids grow, and know that they’ll be in each other’s lives in some form when they’re older.

“New” Mommy Friends: We’re Birds of a Feather

By “new” mommy friends, I mean those that have only known me as a mom. For me, this pretty much means my FIT4MOM friends—the ones that are local to me.

I love these women for variations of the same reason: they’ve seen me at the most hectic stage of my life, and they still stick with me.

Because of FIT4MOM and proximity, we see each other several times a week. They may not know all of my quirks and stories, but it’s so much fun to discover new things on this crazy journey called motherhood—especially when they’re unexpected or seemingly “out of character” based on what we know about each other so far. It’s also fun to see different sides of them—from fitness classes and playdates with our kids (when uninterrupted conversations are darn near impossible), to Mom’s Nights Out and get-togethers with our husbands.

It’s a reassuring comfort that we’re all in the same boat together. They’re with me in the trenches—the day-to-day life experiences that are both beautiful and special and messy and mundane at the same time. I also love reflecting on how much I’ve come to love them in such a relatively short time.

While I don’t know where our lives will take us, I know they will be a part of my life for the long haul.

Sharing the Love with Your Friends

To all my friends reading this—I hope you know how much I love you. And I don’t say it enough, but I value you and the joy you bring to my life.

To others: if this got you thinking about some special friends that fit these descriptions—let them know how much they mean to you! Feel free to tag them and say hi, or send them a message to let them know you’re thinking about them. Thanks for reading!