Meet our October 2017 - Mom of the Month

This month we are honored to have Ann as our Mom of the Month. Ann, like many mothers, was desperate for some sleep and found us through our Sleep Chat Mom’s Night Out about a year ago. She has been a dedicated Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre mama ever since and just recently jumped into our Body Back program! Ann is always smiling and so encouraging to everyone she meets. We are so lucky she found us!

  • Hometown: Naperville, IL
  • Tell us about who is in your family: Husband Tom, married 7 years this November, Logan, 3 ½, and Jackson, 1 ½
  • Current/Previous career: I spent my entire career until about a year ago in sales and marketing in the senior housing/retirement industry. I loved it and enjoyed a great career, but after having Jackson, I knew I was done with the 50+ hour work weeks and twice-monthly work trips. I then was fortunate to move to a part time marketing position locally, and am very grateful to have found a way to maintain a meaningful work life while having more time with my kids. I also run a Rodan+Fields skincare business from home, so between all of that I think I’m actually busier now than when I worked full time! But it all brings me more flexibility with the boys, and that is what matters most.
  • What was your childhood ambition? I honestly have no idea! I even called my mom to ask. All we both could remember was that I really just wanted to be friends with everyone and anyone…which is still true today! J
  • What does motherhood mean to you? Truthfully, the answer to that question changes daily as I experience new and different things with my kids! Some days it means the pure joy of watching my boys squeal and laugh together. Other days it means digging deep to find the joy in the not so great moments. But it always means unconditional love for my kids, and knowing they have unconditional love for me.
  • What is the furthest you have been away from home? On a cruise through the Bahamas.
  • How did you find FIT4MOM? After I had Logan, I would see the class in Glen Ellyn at Ackerman but didn’t know what the group was. Then when Jackson was about 4 or 5 months old, I saw the MNO event on Facebook for the sleep consultant and signed up for that out of desperation! I went to my first Stroller Strides class a week or so later, and immediately felt like I had finally found the right place for me and the boys to belong. From there I’ve done Stroller Barre as well and now Body Back.
  • How as FIT4MOM changed your life? It has given me an avenue for keeping myself active while being with my kids. I left my crazy corporate job to be with them, but that doesn’t mean I knew what to do with them all day! FIT4MOM gives us quality time together, an incredible network of friends I wouldn’t have otherwise met, and a way to show my boys how important it is to put your health first.
  • Favorite exercise: I just experienced my first Tabata workout at Body Back…loved it and hated it at the same time!
  • Proudest moment: every day that we just make it through the day. Sounds silly, but at this stage, it is the truth!
  • Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us: When I was in junior high, I taught myself sign language off of a placemat that we used at the kitchen table. I wanted to become friends with a girl in my grade that was deaf, so I taught myself the alphabet so I could begin talking with her. I ended up becoming so fluent that I would fill in for her interpreter occasionally. I have since forgotten all of it but someday I’d like to brush back up on it.