MEET HALEY, our new Run Club Coach!

Our fall Run Club session starts up September 9th and we have a brand-new coach for this session! Haley takes on the role after being a Run Club member herself. She’s beyond excited to get the fall session underway. If you’ve been thinking about joining Run Club, read on about Haley and then go here to sign up for the fall session!

1. What's your favorite part about running?

I love running for so many reasons!

  • I love the simplicity of running and that all you need is a pair of shoes and off you go. It can be done anywhere, anytime, that is if you are up for it.
  • I love that running connects us to the community and to nature. I love incorporating running into vacations to explore a different part of the area I'm visiting that I wouldn't otherwise experience had I not be a runner.
  • I love that running is a life long sport that can be shared by all ages and be a family affair. My husband is also a runner (he's running his first marathon this fall). We have passed on our love for running and a healthy way of living to our daughters, who enjoy stroller runs and now our eldest, who is three will run alongside one of us for the first few blocks of a run. She loves to strap on her "racing shoes" and join us.

2. What running experience do you have?

I am high school track team dropout turned runner who loves chasing a runners high. I discovered a newfound love for running in my late 20's and haven't looked back since. Since rediscovering the sport and finding a new appreciation for running, I've ran four half marathons, numerous 5k and 8ks, and several area races. I enjoy running for personal well being and focus more on the experience than my overall finish time. I've been a member of FIT4MOM's Run Club for two previous sessions and am thrilled to be sharing my love for the sport with other moms.

3. What's your favorite memory from this summer?

I had the opportunity to spend a few days with my family in Northern Minnesota, where I assisted my older sister's campaign for assistant county attorney in the area where we were raised. Whatever the campaign needed, I did it. We knocked on doors in rural towns sharing information on her as a candidate, passed out coffee and cookies to emergency responders, ran a 5k for her town's local three day long festival, served up BBQ at a fundraiser, and marched in a parade. It was so inspiring to see her in her element, surrounded by a community supporting her pursuit of her dreams. She is a single mother and is bringing a youthful energy and drive to the region where we grew up and it was awesome to experience it firsthand.

4. What's you current favorite artist to listen to when running?

I am actually a no-music-while-running kind of gal. For me, running is a form of moving meditation – it’s my time and space to really get away from it all and be with my thoughts. Running is the one activity that’s physically exhausting but mentally and emotionally recharging. Every run presents a new challenge, a new opportunity to push myself, and a new time to reflect on everything else going on. In my life, there’s nothing else quite like it.

5. Why should mamas join Run Club this fall?

Run Club is tailored to moms of all running experience levels, from those that last ran a mile in junior high P.E. to those with marathon experience or on their bucket lists. We provide the training plans, support, accountability, private Facebook group, and community, in a curated eight week program for first time not quite sure if they want to run moms to those chasing their next runner's high. The program is the perfect mix of self disciplined running/cross training, once weekly optional fun runs, and once weekly track workouts where we focus on running form, agility, endurance, and increased speed. Take it from me, a track team dropout - give Run Club a try and you might see running in a whole new light!