Maxed Out Mama...

All right mamas, I’m calling it. I’m overwhelmed. Anyone else feeling this way, too?

I will never call myself an expert at being a small business owner. I have spent a lot of time over the last few years listening to productivity podcasts and reading blogs in hopes of learning some tricks to balancing it all. It’s important to be manage your time well and be efficient in order to get everything done that goes into running a successful business.

Right now FIT4MOM is thriving (cue happy dance – for me and all the mamas in Our Village!) But my personal life? It falls into the maxed-out, completely overwhelmed, can’t-squeeze-another-thing-onto-my-plate category. My husband has been traveling more than ever, school is about to get out for the summer, and I my due date for Baby #3 is quickly approaching. I find myself lacking the energy that I’m used to having. In the past, I have been able to make up work hours in the evening if I chose to spend time during the day checking off items on my personal to do list, but that isn’t happening these days. So instead, on the days I have childcare, I’ve been focusing as much time as possible on FIT4MOM, but then guess what suffers? My personal life. I’m happy to say I’ve still been keeping up my workouts (a good sweat session can save my sanity!) but as for my house? It is one hot mess!

So how am I going to make things better? I’ve decided to take it one day at a time and focus on what I can get done vs. what I should get done. I’m going back to what works. Today I’m putting on an out of office response on my email and I’m going to spend a few hours on the most important tasks for work and a few hours on the most important tasks at home. I think if I get my home life cleaned up a little, I’ll feel less stressed and I can start to climb out of this everyday feeling of being overwhelmed.

I believe this is just a phase. That this, too, shall pass. But man, it’s hard right now! I’m hanging in there, and I hope you are too! How are you feeling these days, mama?