Lindsay's Body Back Journey - Week 3

Biggest challenge of the week

Up until yesterday I have not felt deprived and have not had to fight any major cravings. Suddenly all I can think about is ice cream mixed with candy. Blizzard, McFlurry, Cement Mixer, I would gladly eat any of them. Not giving into this craving is currently an ongoing challenge for me. I also continue to struggle with sticking to at home workouts.

Here's what Lindsay had to say in week 3:

Biggest success of the week

This week I had a lot of occasions that required eating out. I went to Disney on Ice and didn’t touch a single overpriced piece of junk food. I am feeling more confident when I eat out that I will be able to choose the best choice on the menu and control my portions.

How are you feeling? (mentally, emotionally, physically)

The results that I am seeing and feeling are so motivating. I am feeling physically stronger. Mentally I am starting focus more on cravings.