Lindsay's Body Back Journey - Week 2

Here's what Lindsay had to say in week 2:

Biggest challenge of the week

We celebrated my birthday this weekend. I made a conscience decision ahead of time to deviate from the food plan while out to dinner and drinks on Friday night. The challenge for me was making the decision ahead of time. I knew that if I was undecided going into the night I would be fretting over every food and drink option that came my way, so I needed to commit to one or the other. I decided that turning, well older, was a reason to celebrate and indulge a bit. I mean when you have an overnight babysitter it is pretty hard to turn down a night of eating and drinking! ☺

Biggest success of the week

I lost 2 lbs my first week! I am trying to make sure to focus on a variety of successes, not just weight loss, but it still feels pretty good! The pair of jeans I bought post partum are finally too big to be held up with a belt so I bought a new pair. Hopefully this is my last “transition” pair until I can start wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes without feeling like I am suffocating because they are so tight.

How are you feeling? (mentally, emotionally, physically)

I can already tell I am getting stronger. Back pain has always been a sign to me that I need to shape up and those pains are slowly starting to fade. I am feeling hopeful that I am headed in the right direction.