Lindsay's Body Back Journey - Week 1

Follow Lindsay on her 8 week journey through our Body Back® program! Each week she will answer the same three questions: she’ll tell us her biggest struggle, her biggest success, and how she's feeling.

Why did we choose Lindsay? She’s a mom that has been part of Our Village since pregnancy. She took our Fit4Baby® program. She also enjoys Stroller Strides® and Stroller Barre® with her two kiddos. She has been thinking and talking about Body Back for a long time, and now she's ready! She’s committed to making big changes this session, and we are excited to follow her.

Here’s what Lindsay had to say in Week 1:

Biggest challenge of the week

Exercise. I have found that group fitness is the key for me. If I commit to attending a class I will follow through. Working out at home is not as likely. I planned on doing two home workouts in addition to my two Body Back classes and two Stroller Strides. I only followed through with one...

Biggest success of the week

My daughter Grace had her 4th birthday party today. I resisted both pizza and cake! Before the party I posted on our Facebook group about the party and my food plan. Hearing the groups supportive words strengthened my determination to stick with the food plan. It was also motivating knowing that I would have to follow up with the group and would be able to share my success with them.

How are you feeling? (mentally, emotionally, physically)

I am so motivated! My husband and I are enjoying keeping each other on track and eating delicious fresh food. I am excited to see where the next seven weeks take me. Physically I am sore from my first Body Back workout yesterday, but I know the pain means I am making progress!