Lindsay's Body Back Blog - Week 6

Here's what Lindsay had to say in week 6:

Biggest challenge of the week

I actually had a hard time coming up with a challenge this week. Last week I talked about my new routines feeling like habits. I was on the go a lot this week, but was prepared with healthy snacks and good eating out choices. In the past this would have easily derailed my meal plan, but now I can keep on track without missing a beat.

Biggest success of the week

I went dress shopping this weekend for my sister’s wedding. Weeks ago I would have dreaded this event. I felt great trying on all the dresses. My sisters and mom were amazed at all of the progress I have made!

How are you feeling? (mentally, emotionally, physically)

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I want to finish strong! I am already thinking about how I can maintain my routines when Body Back wraps up.