Kimberly's Body Back Journey - Week 4

I can adult today.

99% of the time I’m grateful for all I have. I recognize and genuinely know that my life is (comparatively) easy. Some moments though life feels weighty, a bit cumbersome. In those moments I find solace in the phrase: “I can adult today.”

What is adulting?

Ask Google: “What does it really mean to be a grown up?”

Answer: “Becoming an adult is different for everyone. For some young people, it means living on your own or going away to college. For others, it means starting your first real job and becoming financially independent. No matter what the circumstances are, becoming an adult means taking responsibility for your life.”

Taking responsibility for your life; that’s exactly what adulting means to me.

Over the past four weeks I’ve taken huge strides in becoming an adult. I’ve taken more responsibility for myself, my actions, my well-being and my health. I’ve forgiven myself, and others, for things that are outside my control. I’ve allowed myself more “me time” each day to become happier, stronger and more socially engaged. I enjoy, and look forward to, Wednesday and Saturday Body Back classes. I sweat. I know what a burpee is and I know how to do one. (I may bruise myself when doing one, but I know how to do one.) I plank in my office because I can. I’m proud of myself and I love my family.

I have a lot of “adulting” work ahead of me but I am on course to be the person I am proud of each and every day. Every woman has the ability to take charge of her life with grace, strength, and confidence—including you. Don’t be afraid to adult today.

Easy steps to adulting:

· Know Yourself

· Keep Learning

· Never ever stop learning

· Know What YOU Want

· Be Independent

· Make new friends

· Give Back

· Dream Big

· Empower Others