Kimberly's Body Back Journey - Week 3

Be the best you can be.

We all have a lot going on in our lives. Some of us feel like we are constantly nursing sick kiddos back to health, some of us feel like the featured star on HGTV as we prep our homes to sell, and some of us are a hot sweaty version of “Amazing Race” trying desperately to navigate through the grocery store. One thing can be said for ALL of us moms. No matter the task, ALL of us are devoted to being the best we can be each and every day.

No lying aside, this week has thrown me many curves. I’ve doubted myself on several occasions. I’ve struggled to make it to class, to fit in my at home exercises, and to keep on top of healthy meals and basic household chores. Through it all my husband, my best friend, has continued to cheer me on encouraging me to be the best possible mom, friend, nurse, grocery shopper, and employee I can possibly be.

In addition to my husband, my FIT4MOM friends have really helped empower me this week. With support and encouragement I strived to reach new fitness goals this week and I accomplished my first Tabata workout. I came across this blog post following Wednesday’s class and I don’t possibly think I could summarize the message any better. Thanks FIT4MOM Wheaton mamas for helping me be the best I can be this week. You really are my mama tribe!

Oh, and here’s one more…. Always remember, even when you’re in doubt, you’re a good mama!