Kimberly's Body Back Journey - Week 2

I can accomplish anything in 60-seconds.

Each FIT4MOM class ends with meditation; allowing time for individual reflection connecting mind, body and soul. During mediation I’ve realized that becoming emotionally fit is just as important to me as becoming physically fit.

Many of you are getting to know me through this blog. Great, glad to meet you! What you don’t know about me is that I spend 8.5-plus hours a day in the corporate world sticking up for myself, fighting for my cause, defending my case, arguing my point and leading my team. I’m pretty confident even when I don’t have a leg to stand on. Outside the 8.5-plus hours I spend at work each day, I’m sure if you were to count up all the words I say, you would find I say “sorry” the most. I always feel like I need to apologize. And it drives me crazy — always second-guessing the things I say, do and not do. And I bet it drives other people crazy as well.

At Wednesday’s workout Erica told me point blank to stop being sorry – stop apologizing. Hearing those words made the day, evening and week change almost immediately.

I have the opportunity to make this time, this moment, this FIT4MOM experience whatever I want it to be. And if that means I need to break my guard and ask for help, if that means I’m the only one in the class that needs to ask for an explanation, that’s OKAY. There’s no need to be sorry for that. My brain will always tell me one thing but it is okay to trust my body to tell me to do something it knows it can do. There’s no need to be sorry for that. On Wednesday night, I worked out harder than I have in years. (Wait, probably ever.) I had more fun working out than I ever have. At the end of one hour, I was in the zone. I had forgotten about what my first circuit looked and felt like, what had transpired throughout my work day, how sick my daughter had been the night before and how little sleep I was running on. For sixty minutes, I focused on nothing other than making myself stronger.

When I'm trying something new and I don’t immediately pick up on it like a pro, I have a tendency to think it’s my fault. But, it’s not my fault. I need to be patience with myself just as I am patient with others. I will, and can, accomplish anything. I just have to believe in myself. Believing in myself must start in short increments…. 60-seconds of tricep exercises, 60-seconds of rowing a canoe, 60-seconds of sit-up punches, 60-seconds of cardio, 60-second of trying something new.

It's not wrong to want to please yourself, it’s wrong not to believe in yourself.

I believe I can accomplish anything in 60-seconds.