Kimberly's Body Back Journey - Week 1

On Sunday I attended my first Fit4Mom session alongside eleven women all at varying stages of motherhood. As each woman introduced herself and committed herself to achieving her goal with me, it was clear that we all share struggles; we all have our imperfections, but we were all great listeners who were funny, talented, successful, joyful and ready for this journey to begin. This journey is going to be difficult – but, every journey is difficult…

I attempted to do squats the night before the first session. That was interesting. I truly made a positive effort. Knowing that I had crushed what good mojo I had going on, I reached out to Erica, my Body Back instructor, for a little support and encouragement. She said something that I really needed to hear, “session one is my starting point, my blank slate. It give us a snapshot of where we are – it doesn’t mean anything more than that! It’s a place to build from.”

I really had no idea what to expect going in to the first session. I was scared of assessing my blank slate. I knew my blank slate was in fact going to be blank. I was far less conditioned than the gymnast I used to be. But how unconditioned? How broken and out of shape was I?

Assessments came and they weren’t really that bad. They went fast and that really helped. Erica measured me and weighed me and to be honest, I liked the Body Back scale very much! We started the evening and prepared to be challenged at multiple assessment stations. We cheered and coached each other. If we failed, we didn’t actually fail. This was our starting point. If we tallied zero sit-ups during the 60-second assessment (as I did), there was absolutely nothing but greatness left to achieve. It has honestly taken me three days to come to that realization. Was I defeated on Wednesday night? Absolutely. Did I cry? Absolutely. Am I defeated three days later? Absolutely not. Eight weeks from now I am committed to doing at least one killer sit up in my final assessment. Just wait and see.