Keeping It Cool This Summer

Alright mamas, whoa! This heat has been CRAZY, right?! We know you have lots of things on your summer bucket list (including our FIT4MOM DuPage County classes!) and want to find some ways to help you stay cool this summer while out having fun. We’ve put together a quick, go-to list of our favorite “keep cool” items for the summer. Check them out below!

And stay tuned for our blog post next week… 2018 Summer FIT4MOM DuPage County Bucket List. We’ve got lots of fun ideas for you and the kiddos to do - both at home and local spots to hit up!

Products to keep cool:

  • O2COOL Elite Misting Fan - Find it on Amazon or at Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • O2COOL Insulated Water Bottle, Mist ’N Sip - Stay cool on the outside with a mist sprayer while you also stay hydrated! Find it on Amazon.
  • Good old-fashioned spray bottle / Mini Squirt Guns - Have fun and stay cool at the same time!
  • Evaporating Sweat Towels - Get them wet and they get cool! Find them at Target or Amazon.
  • Teething Rings - Be sure to get the ones you can freeze.
  • Hats - Look for ones with a strap so the little ones don’t just pull them off right away!
  • Frozen Baby Wipes - Toss them in the freezer and pull them out before class. Then put them in your stroller and keep cool all through class.
  • PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag - keep yours (and your little) snacks cool at class with this freezable lunch bag. Target or Amazon.

Stroller/Car Seat Accessories:

In addition to these awesome items please make sure you are always wearing a hat yourself mamas, using sunscreen and drinking TONS of water outdoors this summer. Throw an extra bottle in your car for your way home from class or activity.

Happy summer mamas!