Always Changing...

Today I’m starting this blog post from a crazy loud dance studio watching my girls practice. I’ve been thinking about some ideas for at least 3 days now, so I’m finally getting focused and putting my thoughts down on paper – or, should I say, computer! It’s hard to believe, but sometimes I find the best concentration in a room full of noise. I think this comes from life as a work-from-home mom. There’s always noise, always distractions, and ALWAYS something changing!

Change seems to be the theme of my life lately. Not only is my body changing (by the minute, it seems!) but everything around me is changing too. When your babies are small, other moms always give you the advice that things are constantly changing. That you will figure out their sleep habits one day and it will change two weeks later. This is absolutely true. For me, this change is still happening but it is so much easier with older girls. I can predict their lives a little better. While sleep is always interesting, they do follow a consistent schedule. I know what foods they like and I know a lot about their little and BIG personalities. :)

As 2018 started, I made a promise to myself to embrace three words: chaos, change and clarity. At the time, I knew I was newly pregnant, but I didn’t know so many other things would change during first four months of the year. I didn’t know my girls would both switch schools in the next year. I didn’t know that we would have an Au Pair joining our family later in the year. And I didn’t know that things in my FIT4MOM franchise would continue to change.

I believe, with all my heart, that all of this change is good. It will be hard, no doubt. It is hard already. But I am embracing the change and finding clarity in the chaos. (I have this statement on repeat in my head some days!) Tell me it’s possible, Mamas?!