A Time To Say Yes

This morning at Goldfish Swim School during my daughters’ lessons I saw one of my favorite mom boss business owners in town. She was doing something that I have learned is very, very important to motherhood. It was a small thing – something I easily could’ve missed had it not been on my mind lately. She had accepted help. Another mom was holding her baby for her while she got her older child out of the pool. It was only for a couple minutes, but it made a world of difference for my friend. (Holding an infant while helping a toddler out of a pool sounds nearly impossible!)

The idea of accepting help is one of the biggest lessons that I have learned with baby number three. Simply put - say YES. Sometimes people want to hold the door open for you - say yes. Sometimes people want to bring you dinner – say yes. Sometimes people even offer to come over so you can take a nap (!!) – say YES! There is no shame in accepting help from those who are offering or even asking for support when you need it. (And we all need it!) And the best part? Often times you won’t be the only one benefiting from the acceptance. People truly want to help. It’s a way to show love. (Have you heard of the Love Languages? One of them is acts of service!) Let people love you, mama.

Next time you have the chance, pause and think about it for moment – and then say YES. Or more importantly, if you need help, just ASK. Let them help you. They want to! (And then help others when you can, too. We can’t do it all alone, mamas!)