4 Ways I’m Trying to Be More Like a Toddler This Holiday Season

My daughter is a newly minted toddler—she just turned 15 months. But I’ve got some (limited) broader experience with toddlers thanks to my friends at Stroller Strides. And let me tell you something: I think they have this whole “life” thing down pat.

Sure, they may need help putting shoes on or going to the bathroom. Sure, they may throw tantrums over having to wear clothes. But when it comes to what matters—enjoying life—they are top notch.

Here are four ways I am going to try to be more like a toddler this holiday season.

1) I will slow down when I can. It always seems like the more that you have to do in any given day, the slower a toddler tends to be. If you would like to be out of the house by 9am to run some errands before lunch, they will miraculously sleep two hours later than they normally do and savor that banana at breakfast when they normally inhale it. When this happens in my house, I get impatient and antsy. And then I look at my daughter—smiling and enjoying her breakfast. I will seek the same enjoyment, even when the list seems unmanageable. I will slow down and have some hot cocoa with my hubby on a cold night. I will play and sing Christmas songs in the afternoon instead of running everywhere. Or at least I will try.

2) I will stop when I’m full. I’m very lucky that my daughter loves food. She’s a great eater, and she loves to try lots of different things. But, when she doesn’t want something, she doesn’t eat it. And if she’s had enough, she stops. I will do the same. I will enjoy those special foods that only come around once a year, but I will savor them and stop when I’m full. Or at least I will try.

3) I will see things with wonder. The other day a friend came to visit our house. When she pulled into our driveway, her daughter shrieked with excitement at the sight of our Christmas lights. These were the same lights we struggled to untangle and hang. In fact, we still weren’t happy with the way they looked when we were done. But you know what? She thought they were the coolest thing in the world. I will do the same. I will stop and admire the beauty around me, even if it’s imperfect. Or at least I will try.

4) I will love a lot. Even when she has a rough day, I see love in my daughter’s eyes. She wakes up every morning happy to see me—babbling and singing and saying “mama.” Perhaps I will never be the kind of “morning person” she is, but I will do the same. I will love even if I lose my temper, or get stressed out over the never-ending stream of holiday to-dos. Or at least I will try.

So as you can see, the common theme here “I will try.” I may not achieve that blissful state of happy toddlerhood all of the time this month, but even a little bit will do me (and my family) good.

How will you try to act like a toddler during the holidays?