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Carolyn, our December Mom or the Month, was hooked from her first class and has truly jumped into and embraced Our Village ever since. Carolyn found us when she was pregnant and even rearranged her work schedule when her maternity leave ended so she could keep coming to classes. We are so glad you did! We love having you in our classes and Our Village. Congratulations, Carolyn!

Hometown: I grew up in a small town in...


I don’t know about you, but I have some amazing childhood memories of this time of year. Decorating, baking, visiting Santa, ice-skating, wrapping gifts and so much more were a source of joy and magic growing up. I loved decorating gingerbread men and playing in the snow. Making a wish list was always fun, especially when I received the gifts I wanted.

Now that I have children of my own, I realize that someone had to make all that...


I have no idea how it happened, but Thanksgiving is almost here! The year has flown by and we’re coming into the holiday season. Thanksgiving might be one of my favorite holidays. I love spending time with family, cooking up a storm, and enjoying all the special occasion foods. Plus, there’s all the Thanksgiving leftovers! After a couple meals of mashed potatoes and gravy, I like to get creative with the leftover turkey. My favorite...


This month we're honoring Christina as the Mom of the Month! Christina joined Our Village after the birth of her twins in 2017 and she has been shining light and crushing goals in Body Back and Run Club ever since! She’s a hard working woman, incredible mom and a great...


Welcome to October’s Healthy Dinners blog! Autumn is here and the weather has turned chilly, so my menu is nonstop comfort food. Healthy comfort food, though, isn’t always easy to achieve. This month I perfected a healthy version of one of my favorites, moussaka.

Moussaka is Greek comfort food at its finest. I’m only ¼ Greek, but my family is all in on the food heritage! Moussaka is a winter staple at my parents’ house. It’s...


Introducing Laura, our October Mom of the Month! Laura moved to Glen Ellyn from Chicago with her family in February of 2018. She found us through her neighbor, Amanda, who is a Stroller Barre instructor. She has a 3 ½ year old daughter, Macy, and a 9 month old son, Parker. Laura loves attending Stroller Barre - so much so that she became a Playgroup...


Hello, Fall! September got off to a summery start, but cooler temperatures are finally on the way. One of my favorite parts of the season is changing up my recipe routine. Fall just begs for soups, stews, casseroles, and CHILI! We’ll cover all those categories over the next months, starting with chili.

Chili can be a controversial subject. If you go to a chili cook-off, you’ll see more styles than you can believe. And they’re all...


For about a year, as I looked to the future, I couldn’t imagine what it looked like. I tried. I wanted to predict and to know, but our lives, our schedule, all of it would change this fall when we dropped our only two kids off at Kindergarten.

I half joked that I felt like I was about to be an empty nester. What would I do without my kids all day? Who would I go adventuring with? Who would provide some background noise and millions...


Meet Nikki, our September Mom of the Month! Her nerves got the best of her as she drove to her 1st FIT4MOM class, but she tried again and was instantly hooked! She knew she had found “her people” and hasn’t looked back since. A mom to three beautiful girls, Nikki knows the importance of taking time for her own health and fitness. She has inspired moms in all of our classes, from...


Our fall Run Club session starts up September 9th and we have a brand-new coach for this session! Haley takes on the role after being a Run Club member herself. She’s beyond excited to get the fall session underway. If you’ve been thinking about joining Run Club, read on about Haley and then go here to sign up for the fall session!



Welcome to the August Healthy Dinner blog! We’re taking a break from our quest for healthy family friendly dinners to focus on another meal: lunch! I’ve laid out some strategies for healthy, easy, and fun lunches that your kids will actually eat (especially those big kids heading off to school)! My kids don’t love sandwiches, so we’re thinking outside the bread. We’re also working on independence by packing lunches together. These...


It’s here! The final home-stretch of my pregnancy! It’s hard to believe really. This started so, so long ago and seemed so far away, even back in June, and now I only have about a week left until my due date. So much is changing in our family’s lives in the next few weeks. New schools with new classrooms for the girls, new baby and new au pair, and of course new routines for all of us. Thinking about the routine changes is in some ways a huge...


This month we are celebrating one of the many twin mamas in Our Village, Kristen. Kristen is a mama to two adorable and very, very busy 1 year old twins. She has been a member of our classes for a year and started when the twins were infants. She's a loyal client that comes to Stroller Strides &...


Wow, mamas... Can you believe summer is over halfway over?! School starts next week for us. Eeek. Time is flying by! And on top of it all, our new baby will be here in (give or take) 3 weeks. I find this time to be bittersweet. I love the summer days with my girls, but I am also looking forward to the routine of the fall. The slightly more predictable schedules and cooler temps are calling my name.

But I don’t want to rush things! It...


It’s time for a healthy dinner! Well, part of a healthy dinner. Summer is peak grilling season and I don’t need to give you a recipe to grill a chicken breast. Instead, here are a couple new side dishes to liven up your grilled proteins! This month we’re making Mediterranean Lentils and Watermelon Salad.

I don’t know about you, but grilling has never been a “night off” from cooking. My husband manages the grilling, but I’m inside...