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Our May Body Back Transformation Sessions kick off the week of May 6th and we have a brand new instructor for our early morning Glen Ellyn session - Meet Lindsey! Lindsey joined our instructor team this spring, and she’s very excited to get her session underway and help women become their best selves. If you’ve been thinking about joining Body Back Transformation, read on about Lindsey and join her for a FREE Body Back Preview Class on...


Meet our April Mom of the Month, Brittany! Brittany joined FIT4MOM to find some much needed socialization after her sweet boy, Trey, was born. Little did she know then that she would connect with so many mamas who would support her in this crazy journey of motherhood, and that Body Back would help transform her life and health! We are so happy...


It’s week 2 of Body Back! I joined this session with pretty realistic goals in mind. I needed/wanted to cut back my wine ;), plan out meals and snacks better, and to overall stay accountable to better choices. I don’t want to and didn’t sign up with the intention to make huge life changes. I’m already great at staying up with workouts but the food....


Welcome to the March Healthy Dinner blog! This month we’re making one of my favorite “better choice” meals, Tortellini with Tomatoes and Arugula.

Confession time… I L O V E carbs. Bread, risotto, russet potatoes, pasta, I love them all (especially pasta!) I tried cutting them out altogether once and it only lasted 5 days. It ended with garlic bread, deep dish pizza, and beer.

These days, my diet contains plenty of brown rice,...


Introducing Kelly as our March Mom of the Month! Kelly found FIT4MOM a year ago. She attended a Stroller Strides class with her two kids, and they've been hooked ever since! She just finished her first session of Body Back, where she found amazing...


My 3rd daughter was born August 28th of 2018. Even though she’s my 3rd baby, there was so much about her that was a surprise. From experiencing the SLOWEST delivery of all 3 of my kids, to re-learning breastfeeding, to the changes in my postpartum body - it all felt so new. I am not sure if I just remembered the postpartum period as being easier because we block stuff out as moms, but this third kid hit me hard in ways I didn't expect. I knew...


Welcome to the February Healthy Dinner blog. This month we’re celebrating! Quick kid-pleasing dinners are great most of the time, but every so often life gives us a reason to celebrate. Birthdays, anniversaries, etc., some events call for a special dinner. That doesn’t mean it has to be hard or unhealthy. This month we’re making Pan Seared Pork Tenderloin and Pureed Cauliflower.

This has been my go-to healthy celebration dinner for...


Meet our February Mom of the Month, Ashley! She found her healthiest, strongest self through 3 back-to-back sessions of Body Back. After completing her third session of Body Back this fall, Ashley found out she was pregnant with her second child. She...


Little Healthy Habits That Have a Big Impact on My Wellness

If you’re looking to make a change in your health and fitness, start small and build on your momentum. Here are a few of the little things I’ve implemented daily that add up to a greater impact:

1. Eliminate sugary beverages. Whether you were drinking a gallon of sweet tea or a can of Coke each day, these are empty calories and...


Welcome to our January healthy dinner blog! This month we’re making easy Instant Pot Chicken Soup.

I don’t know about you, but in my family it seems like January is the month everyone get sick. In the last month we have had multiple colds, an ear infection, strep throat, pinkeye, and a stomach bug. Not only are my kids less likely to eat well when they’re sick, but I seem to forget how to feed myself. Taking care of sick children...


This month we are honoring Michelle as our January Mom of the Month. Michelle took a leap of faith when she found a FIT4BABY ad on Facebook, but has truly embraced this Village ever since. Despite the busy schedule of family life, Michelle is a repeat...


This morning at Goldfish Swim School during my daughters’ lessons I saw one of my favorite mom boss business owners in town. She was doing something that I have learned is very, very important to motherhood. It was a small thing – something I easily could’ve missed had it not been on my mind lately. She had accepted help. Another mom was holding her baby for her while she got her older child out of the pool. It was only for a...


A Tale of Two Dinners – Sheet Pan Chicken with Roasted Veggies

Before I had children I was full of parenting wisdom. Limited screen time! Educational toys! No whining! Eat what I cook! Six years later... my kids have their own tablets, Paw Patrol has exploded in my house, and one of my most frequent phrases is, “I don’t hear whining.” (We all know this is a lie, I definitely hear it.)

Also, my kids certainly...


Carolyn, our December Mom or the Month, was hooked from her first class and has truly jumped into and embraced Our Village ever since. Carolyn found us when she was pregnant and even rearranged her work schedule when her maternity leave ended so she could keep coming to classes. We are so glad you did! We love having you in our classes and Our Village. Congratulations, Carolyn!

Hometown: I grew up in a small town in...


I don’t know about you, but I have some amazing childhood memories of this time of year. Decorating, baking, visiting Santa, ice-skating, wrapping gifts and so much more were a source of joy and magic growing up. I loved decorating gingerbread men and playing in the snow. Making a wish list was always fun, especially when I received the gifts I wanted.

Now that I have children of my own, I realize that someone had to make all that...