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Who likes turkey burgers? Who has accidentally made dry, rubbery turkey burgers? If your answer is “yes” we have the recipe for you in this month’s blog. Zucchini Turkey Burgers are a delicious take on a healthy summer favorite!

This recipe came from a favorite recipe source in our FIT4MOM village, Skinnytaste. I tried a few little tweaks and even made it in bulk and froze some for later. It comes together quickly and you can cook the...


Every summer I have the best intentions to start a “summer bucket list” for my kiddos... Well this is the year! My girls are now 4 and 6 (how did that happen?!) and I finally am committing to accomplishing it this summer! (Could be part of my nesting for baby #3, too? I’m already starting to feel the mom guilt of another baby joining our family so I’m doing all I can to make this one of their best summers yet! Of course, I want it to be one...


Alright mamas, whoa! This heat has been CRAZY, right?! We know you have lots of things on your summer bucket list (including our FIT4MOM DuPage County classes!) and want to find some ways to help you stay cool this summer while out having fun. We’ve put together a quick, go-to list of our favorite “keep cool” items for the summer. Check them out below!

And stay tuned for our blog post next week… 2018 Summer FIT4MOM DuPage County Bucket...


Our June Mom of the the month is Jen. Jen is a HUGE inspiration to all of our mamas at any class she attends. She rocks out a smile no matter what. Jen started with us in Stroller Strides & Stroller Barre then added on Body Back Transformation and is now expecting in...


All right mamas, I’m calling it. I’m overwhelmed. Anyone else feeling this way, too?

I will never call myself an expert at being a small business owner. I have spent a lot of time over the last few years listening to productivity podcasts and reading blogs in hopes of learning some tricks to balancing it all. It’s important to be manage your time well and be efficient in order to get everything done that goes into running a successful...


Welcome to the May Healthy Dinner Blog! This month we’re featuring Baked (or grilled)* Salmon and Veggies. It’s plenty of protein with an Omega-3 bonus, in a super quick meal with easy cleanup. Salmon is one of the only meals that EVERYONE in my family eats without any complaint (as long as they don’t see any pepper on their piece, kids!) It’s a staple in our weekly meal rotation, and while I occasionally get complicated, this basic recipe is...


This month we are excited to announce Ashley as our Mom of the Month! Ashley is a twin mom (one of many in our village of mamas) and has rocked out many of our classes. She gives 110% in all of her workouts and always has a smile on her face. She supports other mamas and takes the support in return. Congrats Ashley!

  • Hometown: St. Charles, but we live in Wheaton now.
  • ...

This month we are thrilled to announce our mom of the month, Meagan. Meagan is a FIT4BABY pre-natal client with us. She has the biggest smile on her face during classes and has truly just jumped right into FIT4MOM. This is her first pregnancy and she found us of course on Facebook. ;) Welcome to Our Village Meagan! We absolutely love you and can't wait to meet your sweet baby...


Spring is officially here and summer is on the way! One of the things I love about the changing seasons is switching up my recipe repertoire. My favorite warm weather recipe is chicken salad, hands down. It’s a great make-ahead meal and there are endless variations. Plus, while the traditional version isn’t winning any nutritional awards, it’s easy to make it healthy and filling!

I made three different chicken salads this month. The...


Today I’m starting this blog post from a crazy loud dance studio watching my girls practice. I’ve been thinking about some ideas for at least 3 days now, so I’m finally getting focused and putting my thoughts down on paper – or, should I say, computer! It’s hard to believe, but sometimes I find the best concentration in a room full of noise. I think this comes from life as a work-from-home mom. There’s always noise, always distractions, and...


Meet Diane! Diane found FIT4MOM while on her maternity leave with her sweet boy, Jack. Heading back to work, Diane was far from done with Our Village. She has completed two Body Back transformation sessions, which completely changed her life. And did you know Diane helps plan all our Mom’s Night Out events? We are so thankful for all you do and all you bring to this Village and are so lucky you found us!

  • Hometown:...

Welcome to our March healthy dinner blog! Every month we feature recipes that provide protein and veggie rich options for families. This month we’re tackling enchiladas. This recipe has a few more steps than some of our previous ones, but they’re pretty simple and the results are delicious and healthy.

If you are looking for a restaurant style traditional enchiladas, don’t make this recipe. I love traditional enchiladas, but I made them...


As I sit here thinking about how to start this blog, my two girls, ages 4 and 5, are upstairs randomly shouting from their bed. Not shouting words, just strange animal sounding noises. This is one of the times of day that I pray for quiet. For alone time. For calm. But these quiet moments of alone time won’t last long as baby number 3 is coming quicker than I can imagine. August will be here before I know it. As crazy as my girls are, I love...


This month we are honored to have Audrey as our MOM of the month. She moved to the area, and after having attended FIT4MOM elsewhere, she knew she would take advantage of her year long maternity leave. She has been a regular in both Stroller Barre and Stroller Strides classes since she started with us last August. She's always smiling in classes, has a wonderful attitude, and is so easy to talk to. She has a such a kind, gentle demeanor and...


’ve been thinking about this blog post for a while now… about nine weeks to be exact... *wink-wink*

2017 was a crazy year for my family and me. We moved twice, my girls started becoming little ladies, my husband traveled a lot and I had a miscarriage. It was wild and full of highs and lows. I started 2018 by reflecting on all that happened during the last year and I chose three words as my mantras for the year: change, chaos and...