Our Top 5 Most Useful Things as a MOM

  1. DAPPLE BABY TOY & HIGHCHAIR SPRAY - Dapple recently released this new product. My husband asked me one day why this didn't exist and then Dapple created it! This product is AMAZING! As a mom with 2 little girls in highchairs, I can honestly say, this has changed my life. A few quick sprays and within 30 seconds the sticky messes are easily wiped off the tray with a towel. This is a must have in our house!
  2. AMAZON PRIME - While we try as hard as we can to shop locally, there are are times when you just need to order online. Amazon is great! 2 day shipping gets things here super quick and let’s face it - they have pretty much everything you can imagine for sale. Another bonus is the on demand TV & movies.
  3. GOOGLE SHARED CALENDAR - My husband and I couldn’t live without this. With our busy work schedules, family gatherings, and kids activities this has been key to our communication. No more over laps in scheduling (well at least most of the time ;)).
  4. SKIP HOP ACTIVITY GYM - Our instructor Miss Erica has used this from day 1 with her son for playtime and tummy time. Now that he is getting older she loves that it “buys her time” for making something to eat, doing laundry, replying to messages and more!
  5. PINTEREST - What did we do for mommy tips, advice, projects, recipes, ideas before Pinterest? There are so many ideas you can find on Pinterest all for FREE! Even my husband uses Pinterest - shhh! He logs onto my account to look for Paleo friendly recipes. :)

What did we miss? What should we add to this list?

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