Meet Emily!

Meet our new instructor Emily Kurtz! Emily will be teaching our Body Back BOOST classes on Monday nights at Saturday mornings! Check out her schedule here.

Tell us something we don't know about you: I have an amazing memory recall on insignificant details of pop culture. If you need to know what happened on an episode of 90210 in 1995, I'm your girl. Too bad I can't use those powers for good!

Favorite exercise: My favorites are the ones that I dread going in to, but feel AWESOME when they are done. Think mountain climbers, push-ups, or anything with a paper plate!

Proudest moment as a mom: Seeing my 4 year old hold my 19 month old's hand to help him walk up the stairs. My heart broke in to about a million pieces.

Favorite tv show: The only shows I watch in real time are The Bachelor and Scandal- I never miss an episode. I am also a Friends buff, love How I Met Your Mother, and of course, the original Beverly Hills, 90210.

Favorite movie: I can't name just one! Top 5: Dirty Dancing, The Fugitive, You've Got Mail, The American President, The Sandlot

Why you love FIT4MOM: I love FIT4MOM for the way it has completely changed and improved my life. It has completely changed the way I eat, the way I think about food, and the way I exercise. f4m has helped me get STRONG and CONFIDENT! I love the outlet to be with other moms to share our successes and our struggles. The enormous, positive life changes that f4m has helped me find are more amazing than I could ever have imagined.

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