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5 Way I Feel Like a Powerful Mom on Bad Days

August’s FIT4MOM theme is the Power of Moms. Founder Lisa Druxman wrote a beautiful blog post about it last week (

This was my favorite part of her post:

“Moms are a catalyst for change. We have the power to teach, inspire and lead. It takes real strength to lift someone up higher, to pull them up after they have fallen down and to hold them up when they are too weak to stand alone. That is the strength of moms. That is the power of moms.”

But I’m going to put a lighthearted spin on this month’s theme.

On good days, I do feel those words she wrote—every bit of them, especially thanks to my FIT4MOM friends.

On bad days, I still try to feel them, but it’s hard! On those days, I try to find a bit of “Mom Power” in the little victories.

On bad days, I swear I feel like a super woman when:

  1. We make it out of our pajamas. Bonus points if my daughter is wearing more than just a diaper, and I’m wearing something other than yoga pants.
  2. All three of our meals have some form of lean protein in them. Bonus points if they’re made at home.
  3. The play room ends up clean at night. Bonus points if the toys are actually in the right place.
  4. My husband and I get to spend time together after dinner. Bonus points if it doesn’t involve TV and/or working on a laptop.

Finally, on particularly challenging days, I feel like a super woman when:

  1. We’re alive. Enough said.

What makes you feel like a super powerful mom? Leave a comment to let me know—I’d love to share your victory, no matter how big or small.

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